Looking over my off the shoulder number to the past

Today I asked a lovely friend what blogging site one might use if one was ready to start writing again.

This one was recommended so here we are.

I did a quick search of a previous go at this lark I started back in 2012 and found this: http://goatgirlrosie.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/check-it-out-now.html

Most if not all of the pictures are gone, so I’m not sure it makes sense to anyone but me these days.

As mentioned to my lovely friend, who has just now force fed me a milkshake like a fois gras goose, I haven’t done anything but business writing for some time and I am getting bored of that style. I want to rediscover my silly and maybe, just maybe, get started again on my coming of age novel set in the early 90s in Sydney.

There’s a further attempt here


I got to twelve entries before I gave up

And then there was the one about drinking less and losing some weight:



8 entries there.. commitment… who needs it?


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