The Jug of Joy

Over the break I read an article in some women’s ‘health’ magazine (Buy supplements! Eat this grossly overpriced foodstuff and call it a super food because we needed to sex it up to make lots of money from desperate, not-thinking-straight-right now women who want to shift some of their post crimbo flabbly dabbly! Compare yourself to crazy, crazy, folk who drop a baby and then run a 100 mile race 10 weeks later, with scant regard to the dangers of prolapse!)

Anyhoo… the article was about celebrating. Finding joy. Being deliberate about embracing the positive.

It suggested I make a list.

I am a Capricorn… lists are what we do. Joy? No as much.

The suggestion was to make a list of around 10 things about myself:

  • I make lists
  • I scribble a lot – bordering on graphomania
  • I laugh a lot
  • I am a little bit silly
  • I try to do the best damn job I can… unless I don’t like what it is I am doing, then I don’t.
  • I get bored easily but also like mundane tasks
  • I need to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to feel comfortable
  • I love the people I live with and feel I should do more with my friends
  • I am a wee bit competitive

Then the article went on to encourage me to develop a mission statement for myself, like I’m a company or a not for profit organisation:

I want to be interesting

I make others feel special

I inspire silliness and play

I want to be thought of as lovely, funny and great company.

Except when I don’t want any of those things, which happens.

The article also suggested I write an action plan for that week, which is really just another term for ‘list’):

  • Do more on Arky’s blanket (I’m making her a crocheted granny blanket – it’s a family tradition, I have ones from my great grandmother, grandmother and mother, and this is the first time I have attempted one)
  • Go to a musical with my daughter, let’s say… Cats with Delta Goodrem as Grisabella
  • Enjoy the sunshine
  • Plan the courtyard renovation

Pleased to say I did all of those things AND that I broke each of those points down into their own set of actions in order to achieve them… because I like doing that, it makes me feel secure and relevant.

This part I haven’t looked at since I wrote it over a week ago…

This month I will:

  • Do what is expected of me at work (I must have been drinking)
  • Present my 2016 plan to my boss with enthusiasm and conviction (seems I was drinking)
  • Marry 4 people – I am a celebrant, and I have two weddings booked for this month, so that’s an easy one
  • Remove the strappy bastard from the courtyard now that the baby sparrows have decamped (done)


And then it seems I became bored and moved on to something else.

It also seems, reading over the last part, that by the time I started thinking in terms of month long blocks, the joy had leaked out of the jug

This is us at CATS: bit excited!~much joy!



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