I am deliberately bad at some things.

I don’t try to make the best of some situations and my foofer valve switches to off when I’ve decided this is not how I want to be or what I want to be doing.

I am confessing this because a co-worker has just directed her phone to mine while she takes a day off work tomorrow.

My co-worker is the General Manager’s Executive Assistant. I am not an EA, I’m bad at that job. Mostly because I don’t like doing it.

A few years back the GM, who was acting in the role at the time, asked me to fill in for his EA while she was on leave for what felt like 6 years but was probably only 6 weeks.

The GM is / was a friend, actually before he was a friend, he was a client of mine when I ran an executive recruitment desk in Melbourne. Later he became my boss and we pretended not to be friends / ex business associates, but we weren’t fooling anyone. And now he’s my bosses boss… coz he’s ambitious and I’m not.

Anyway, as I said, I’m not an EA. Even though apparently, I look the shit.

I am flat out remembering where I am meant to be without worrying about someone else’s calendar and their overflowing in box and whether you’re meant to be in Darwin to meet the minister of nonsense in ten minutes or someone equally as famous and important who I’ve never heard of.

So tomorrow should be fun. I might set up some bogus meetings for the GM across town and see what colour he is when he gets back to the office.

Later, as I was walking home from work this afternoon, the GM pulled up beside me in his boss vehicle , wound the window down and said “ I thought you swore never to be my EA again… how did THAT happen?”



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