Why am I in this room again?

All alone in the moonlight.

At 2am
That’s when I ripped my foot open on a piece of rusty old rio grid that was lying on the ground near the outdoor dunny at my gypsy wagon / shepherd’s hut in the bush.

My weekend started on Friday last week – I had the day off – I am back to 4 days a week work, which is just fine and dandy to me.
In my spare time I am a marriage celebrant and had two weddings booked for Saturday afternoon within an hour and across Ballarat from each other.
I have been a celebrant for about 7 years and have never done two weddings on the one day before. I don’t advertise and only pick up weddings through word of mouth. Mostly because I enjoy marrying people and I don’t want it to become a job.
Anyway – Friday was good because I had time to spend having a coffee and a goss session with my calligrapher, the very talented, multi disciplined artists, John Wrigglesworth, and also have a bit of a wander around some second hand stores.
Op shopping and going to auctions is like my fishing… I could spend all day picking over crap and come away with nothing and be as happy as a clam.
Friday I spent less than $30 and came home with 2 pairs of jeans, 3 tops, two dresses and a jacket, as well as a T shirt and a jacket for my daughter… for under $30.
All good stuff… all fits.
On Saturday morning, while daughter was at work and partner was up at the wagon, I pretended to marry the cat while I practiced my lines, until I was quite hoarse and more than a little nervous
The weddings went off without a hitch, well, four more people in Ballarat are hitched after I did my thing… bad choice of words.
After I marry people, I get a bit of an endorphin rush, and by the time I had finished marrying two couples on Saturday, I was flying.
Next thing I know, I’m out at our wagon in the bush, in a sun dress in the warm evening, enjoying a lovely bottle of chilled chardonnay with my beloved.
And at 2am, I needed a wee.
And that’s how come I now have a small but hurty hole in my foot.
In the death throes of my lovely weekend, partner asked what I had planned for my work week. Oddly, at 8pm on a Sunday, I couldn’t tell him, because, shock of shocks…. I hadn’t obsessively checked my calendar since Thursday.
So I thought I had better look in case I had to be in Cairns or somewhere at a conference.
Turns out I was to be on the radio to talk about a project I have been involved in with Mick Trembath called The Memory Atlas, which I encourage you all to look at and maybe consider building something similar in your town or city..
Nice that I forgot I was speaking to the media about the Memory Atlas, and that the presenter kept asking what the title of the project was.
Lucky Mick was there

Memory Atlas


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