An update on my bowels. Due to popular request…

My partner recently decided that beer and bread were the culprits of his reflux and heart burn.

He would be a dreadful, grumpy, pained inhabitant of Medieval Europe.Medieval_baker_with_his_apprentice

As a consequence, he has pretty much stopped consuming them – albeit with the odd relapse, just to make sure

This has had the knock on effect that I too have cut right back on my bread consumption. I love bread, almost as much as I love cheese and never thought I could live happily without it. Just the way I used to feel about cigarettes.

But live happily without it I have for the last couple of months, apart from the odd relapse… just to be sure.

This last week I have had bread twice and twice in the days following, I have experienced… if you’re queasy stop reading now…. runny bummage.

Partner and daughter bought me (and it turns out, them) a Nutribullet for my recent birthday and we all have been daily replacing meals with various nutrisquashies involving whatever is in the fridge and the fruit bowl


It’s a revelation

Sometimes TV shopping shows pay off

That’s how I ended up with one as a present. Partner couldn’t sleep one night and sat up watching hour long episodes of “Buy the Nutribullet”

By dawn he was converted

Liquidising everything in sight and consuming it through a straw has led to much reading and research about gut health and the benefits of squashie consumption.

A couple of days ago I started reading about kefir which is a fermented milk drink that is said to be nice to your tummy and poo tubes. And also a perfect addition to any nutrisquashie.

I have a work friend who, in the last 12 months, experienced a nasty infection that required him to be attached to a pump that constantly injected him with antibiotics for weeks.

Now his poo tubes are mental too and the doctors think it will take up to 2 years to become normal again.

Poo Tube friend has a nutribullet also, and I told him about kefir this week. So we are having a race to see who’s poo tubes become sensible first.

That’s our 2016 challenge: The Sensible Poo Tube Challenge.

Yesterday I bought a Mad Millie Kefir Kit for $21 and today on my lunch break I mixed up a litre of coconut milk kefir.

Partner watched on with a sceptical curl to his nose and a plethora of questions I’m not informed enough to answer.


Stay tuned for an update on the poisoned coconut milk








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