Poisoned Coconut Milk… the Kefir experiment

Yesterday I mixed up the first litre of coconut milk with the kefir culture I bought from Mad Millie.

At lunch today, 24 hours after the initial mixing, the liquid had separated, which is not unusual for coconut milk, the smell was delightfully floral-coconut and a little yeasty and the mix had a bit of a froth on top.

I put the lid back on after removing the muslin and gave the whole thing a big shake, poured out the 1/4 cup to start the next batch and also a sample cup for me to taste.

It tasted like coconut milk with culture in it.

Slightly sour, no sweetness at all, and a pleasing soft frothiness.

I made a squashie with half an avocado, a little frozen mango, some pineapple chunks, a teaspoon of super green powder, a cup of coconut kefir and a little almond milk that was left over in the carton

It was amazingly delicious, like a thick green pina colada with no alcohol.

I’m really full now though

I mixed the reserved 1/4 cup of kefir with a litre of almond milk, shook it up in the jar and its busy fermenting for the next batch. It smells like ice cream cones at the moment. I like that smell.

I don’t feel sick or trippy, and it’s been about an hour since I consumed my first kefir.

Stay tuned


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