Rainbow Serpents in the Pyrenees

Its Australia Day tomorrow and I’m at work.

What a dill I am for not arranging (like everyone else I work with) to take Monday off.

On Thursday afternoon when I finished work for the week, walking home I smelled a familiar and not very favourite scent.

It increased in smell volume as I headed down Armstrong Street and puffs of it knocked me in the face as slightly greasy, tanned, scantily clad folk passed me on the sidewalk.


It’s Rainbow Serpent Festival weekend in the Pyrenees.

People travel from all over the world to experience dancing in the dirt to music that to me resembles someone operating a whipper snipper in a tunnel… for four days.

Our gypsy wagon / shepherds hut retreat is only a couple of kms from the Festival site, and I lived in a house in Waterloo for about 7 years. If the wind is blowing the right way, I could sit up in my bed with a cup of coffee and listen to the beats while I played Candy Crush.

Anyway, I visited Aldi supermarket on the way home Thursday afternoon to get some things for dinner. The place was packed with doof doof folk buying bottles of vodka and water and whatever else they needed for the ordeal.

As I got to the check out fella, I said “looks like rainbow weekend in here” and he said “Oh my god, YEAH… A fella came in an hour ago and bought $1,200 worth of cheese. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

The best part of Rainbow weekend and living near Beaufort is the influx of partly dressed European fellows who look like all they do is dance and get all of their sustenance directly from the sun. Shopping at the local IGA becomes an international adventure.

There’s always someone wandering a bit lost along the Beaufort Lexton road at the end of the weekend – I have given lifts  and bottles of water to lots of worn out, tired and emotional doofsters who just need their mum to tell them everything’s going to be ok until they have had a proper sleep and something to eat.

Last year on the Sunday morning at about 4am, the cabinet in our bedroom was vibrating rhythmically and I woke up with a start wondering who had turned the clothes washer on.

It was just Rainbow.


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