Why am I in this room again?

A year ago I started a draft post for this blog titled “Why am I in this room again?” . I have a feeling I wrote and published a post called exactly that but  noticed this morning that the draft was just sitting there – only a title and no body.

A year ago next week my partner of 29 years and I broke up – it was our daughter’s 19th birthday and ANZAC Day week.

My last post in this blog was about starting to make art again – particularly painting for pretty much the first time in my life.

The house is now heavily dotted with my art works – some of which can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/roseofaustralia70/

I also found a bunch of illustrations I had done about 30 years ago in a pile on one of my bookshelves, so I bought a bunch of cheap frames and bunged those up around the house also, just to remind myself that being creative and drawing is a part of my life, albeit one I had put on hold for a period while I was being a responsible adult.

I am so removed from being a responsible adult now that I have secured a space to run a creative collective in Ballarat – my creative accomplice Andy and I just this week got keys to a 1960’s house in a commercial zone in the CBD of Ballarat where we will be, in a few weeks, opening a studio for the production of film, tv, commercial media and podcasting. My daughter, who is a games developer is renting space from us… the tiniest back room which is more of a storeroom… she has decided she will be the Richmond of our workspace :


The House, as it is currently known, has 6 offices including a conference room – two back offices will be available for people to co locate with us and run their business, write or whatever and everyone who co locates with us gets to use the conference room for meetings, or to impress their mums etc.

The large front room that leads to Andy’s and my office will be a common work space for brain storming, listening to records and drawing dick and balls on the white board.

We will be hosting script development workshops – working with actors to put actions and tone to words ; writing workshops…. and because I was once a grown up business consultant and still keep my hand in acting mature from time to time…. leadership development and business improvement sessions.


We should have the utilities connected tomorrow and the NBN shortly thereafter

In the mean time – I’m off to see Patti Smith play Horses at the Arts Centre in Melbourne and to finally print up that lino cut I started for MymateMick months ago.

What a year!


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