Working Title: Seniorscope

I’m back at work this week – managed to haul my bloated post Christmas body out of bed twice this week to come into the office.
This year my department are shaking things up a bit – part of my portfolio includes “Positive Ageing” … you know, coordinating the Seniors Festival etc, Senior of the Year Awards, engaging with older folk in the community.But this year I’m thinking we might be a bit more structured as well as considering if the needs and aspirations of people over the age of 55 are that much different from other age brackets…

So I have a project proposal on my desk titled Seniorscope 2018.
Not sold on this yet… any ideas for something less medical?

I just scribbled down “Club 55+” and “Studio 55+” but I dunno..

Basically I want to find out what is important to people over 55 in my municipality, what they love about living here, whether they are likely to ‘age in place’ (stay put by choice and enjoy living out the rest of their days here) what can be improved and what they would like to see happen in our community for themselves, their friends, lovers and families in the next few years.

How will I ask people these things?


Community Summit and live polling sessions in Seniors Festival?

Ambassador program.? (not keen on this one to be honest)

I would LOVE some input from you about how YOU would like to be approached / asked these questions



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