Velcro Bum

I went to bed last night with energetic plans for today. Plans that included attaching the brass cobra door handle that I bought in Nepal last year to my recycled kitchen door (achieved) – all the washing (semi-achieved) writing more on the thing I started last week (not achieved, although I have thought about it a lot… which is not doing) take the dog for a long walk (semi achieved… I walked from my studio to home, which is about 4km. Half of what I was intending) I wanted to reset the garage after the door renovation and set up my treadmill again (not achieved), I wanted to plan something for dinner, but instead I have watched 2 episodes of Romper Stomper and eaten a fair amount of gorgonzola dolce instead. I wanted the house to be clean… but cleaning is boring and my bum has grown velcro and is fastened to the lounge. I don’t feel bad about not achieving everything – my mental to do lists always over estimate reality and underestimate the joy and luxury of lazing about reading or binge watching telly.


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