It’s About Time…

Last week was the first week that PEOPLE could marry each other in Australia
People have been able to marry each other for a while now, but not if they are of undisclosed gender or are the same sex as their beloved. But now they can.

Last Tuesday was the first day PEOPLE could marry each other (unless they received permission to have a shorter notice period than 1 month) So my two dear friends, Anne and Edie chose to get hitched in a sequoia forest in the Otways in Victoria Australia.

I have been a celebrant for a number of years and each time I had to say the “thing” about Australian law defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others… it felt like a stab directly into my heart.
When Stephen the celebrant stated on Tuesday that Australian law defines marriage as the union of TWO PEOPLE… I lost my snot.

Anne and Edie have waited 33 years to be lawfully married to each other and both thought it would never happen.

Edie was diagnosed with dementia a number of years ago and so Anne and Edie have been living with dementia since they were in their late 50s. They pretty much couldn’t wait a moment longer to be legally married. If the law had taken another year to pass, they would have missed out probably, given the progress of the disease.

My darling fella filmed the wedding, as he has been documenting their beautiful relationship and the dignity and love with which they have been navigating living with dementia for the last three years or so. The footage will be added to the growing documentary on kindness and dementia awareness –
Bigger Hearts Launch
Bigger Hearts Workshop
There’s also the Circle of Love film which I can’t share at the moment, its being reviewed for the festival circuit.

They are old married women now

It’s about bloody time!


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